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  1. ADHD (Ages 7-65)
  2. Tardive Dyskinesia (18-75)
  3. Inpatient/Outpatient Schizophrenia Disorder (Ages 18-65)
  4. Autism (Ages 6-17)
  5. Major Depression (Ages 7-65)
  6. Migraine (Ages 18-65)
  7. Bipolar Disorder (Ages 18-65)
  8. Alzheimer's (Ages 55 + up)
  9. PTSD (Ages 18 + up)
  10. Opioid Addiction (Ages 18-65)
  11. Insomnia (Ages 18-65)
  12. General Anxiety Disorder (Ages 18-65)

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General Information:

Behavioral Research Specialists, LLC is currently conducting studies in the Los Angeles area and is always looking for Volunteers.  Some studies may provide compensation for travel and time.  Listed are open enrollment studies with a brief description of qualifying criteria.  If you or some you know would like to participate, contact BRS at (888) 255-5798 or email Please leave your name, best methods of contact and how soon you intend on participating.

General Criteria: All subjects must be able to read and understand English as deemed by BRS Investigators judgment.

Behavioral Research Specialists, LLC

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